If you are new to my site or a returning visitor, you may be wondering – where have I been? My last post on the blog was from 2015 and my portfolio needs some serious updating with the work I’ve completed since then.

Here’s a quick run down of where I have been and where I am going:

Where I’ve Been…

  • Fulfilling awesome freelance projects, delivering engaging websites to a variety of clients.
  • Growing a great team of Digital Content Coordinators to create an internal agency providing digital content marketing and SEO services to Carpet One members.
  • Chasing my 2 year old through life.

Where I’m Going…

  • This week I head to NYC to attend the Conductor C3 conference on web engagement and SEO. Check out my Twitter feed and this blog for live tweeting and updates.
  • Continuing my work at Carpet One to grow our digital marketing programs and improve organic search.
  • Continuing to work for great clients and take on awesome projects.
  • Learning Javascript and other programming languages to finally fulfil my dream of developing an app.
  • Still chasing my 2 year old through life.

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