This week I stumbled across .Net Magazine in the Google Play store. .Net is a UK-based magazine geared towards today’s web designer and digital professional.

.net magazine

I signed up for a free trial and quickly downloaded, my first issue. Filled with anticipation, I dove in and was more than pleasantly surprised. In fact, I voraciously tore through the digital copy on my tablet – reaching the end before I was ready.

Now, to say I get excited about a new technology find is an understatement. So to find a magazine geared towards all my favorite things… I was enamored. .Net features articles from professional web designers covering new technologies, best practices, programming languages, entrepreneurship, tools of the trade, and opinion pieces.

I quickly signed up for the year subscription (which wasn’t cheap at $39.99). I highly recommend it for any of my fellow web designers and digital marketers with a passion for web design.


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