Tech Geek.
Coffee Addict.
What else?


I’m a geek. That means I put my all into everything I do – whether that’s geeking out about Game of Thrones or filling my never ending need for SEO knowledge.


I’m an idea person. This is driven by my passion for all things digital. I’m continually planning out new websites, business ideas, blogs, and more.


I like to say my specialty is in web engagement – the cross section of great design and driving traffic through SEO and other digital marketing initiatives.


I take pride in my work. It shows you I’ve done as a web designer/marketerĀ and what I have learned. Check out my portfolio and resume to learn more.

My Projects

Whether my own side projects or client projects, I’ve worked with a lot of awesome people and businesses.


My Inbound 2013 Takeaways

Inbound 2013 was quite an experience! Read more about my takeaways from one of the biggest content marketing conferences in the country!

Video: The Connected Consumer

Together, we can stop acting like strangers and start connecting as people. Together we can transform. Together we are inbound.

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