I had to share this new video from @Hubspot.

Hubspot kicked off their Inbound13 conference with this inspiring video. It gives a graphical presentation of the state of the inbound market and the inbound marketer.

The New User

Hubspot introduces the new user, not just a customer, consumer, buyer, or lead. They are a person. They are informed, engaged, connected, opinionated, and quick to share those opinions. They may not be in your store or your website, but that never means you should not work towards delighting them. They can be your biggest advocate or your loudest critic. They can make you or break you with a single post. Their voice has influence, their reach – endless. They are in control.

The Inbound Marketer

But, inbound marketers are different. They get it. The deliver what the you want and need, when and where you need it. They don’t just judge you by your customer lifetime value. They appreciate you, connect with you, delight with you, and understand that winning your loyalty means winning the trust of your community.

Together We Are Inbound

Together, we can stop acting like strangers and start connecting as people. Together we can transform. Together we are inbound.


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