I can’t believe it’s been 4+ months since my last blog post. Unfortunately, I haven’t been concurring mountains – my excuse last year. I’ve been busy growing a baby. And, I’m afraid I’ve shamefully gotten out of the habit of blogging about both my passions – technology and marketing. That ends today! This week I’m overhauling my free time by allocating time to blogging on both Laurenbusby.com and my pet project – Infographix.co. Stay tuned for a lot of great content to be pumped out in the coming months.

I’ve also kicked off another side project that I’m very proud to be working on. It’s my first app! I’ll be sharing more details as I finish developing the design in the next 2 weeks and transition to development. I’m still debating launching the project on Kickstarter. But, for now, my plans are to both design and develop the app with my own two hands. Now that will be fulfilling!

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