The answer might surprise you…

The most searched keyword on Google is “Google”. Did you guess that? I sure didn’t.

Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes revealed this semi-shocking truth at his session at SMX West.

My thoughts on “Google” being the most searched keyword on Google? The likely cause behind this trend is the use of search engines to find the login links for various websites. So whether or not users actually click on the first link to or go further to click on login links to Gmail, Google+, etc. is to be decided.

Many browsers also feature Google as the default search engine when you enter a keyword term into the browser bar. Let’s take Firefox for example. My Firefox browser has a Google search box at the top right. Let’s say I quickly want to get to Google. I may purposefully or without thinking enter “Google” into this search box. Instead of being brought to, I’m instead brought to a Google search results page for the term “Google”.

There are just 2 explanations on why the most searched keyword on Google  is, in fact, “Google”.

Source/Topic Inspiration: Search Engine Land

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