MozCast ( is a great new tool from MOZ, formerly SEOMoz. MozCast translates the day’s SEO environment into a weather forecast, based on turbulence in Google search algorithm. This is just one of the many tools that turns a rather complicated SEO topic into an easily digestible subject.



Since one number can’t tell the whole story about such a complex topic as Google’s search algorithm, MozCast offers a breakdown of 5 different elements: Domain Diversity, SERP Count, EMD Influence, PMD Influence, and Daily Big 10. These are applicable to trends over the last 30, 60, and 90 days.
Domain Diversity judges domain crowding. It identifies the percentage of sub-domains that are unique across the data set.
SERP Count identifies the shrinkage of SERPs, or the number of Google results with less than 10 organic listings on page 1. Google has recently shifted many of it’s results pages to 7 organic listings, to accomodate both paid and local search results.
EMD Influence captures the % of top 10 results for exact-match domains. This is a great snapshot of the current state of the domain industry. An exact match domain is essentially a site that uses the keyword in the domain – i.e. or In the past, domains with exact match keywords ranked better in Google. But, Google has shifted its algorithms to provide the highest quality results to the searcher, based on a number of on-page and backend factors.
PMD Influence identifies the top 10 search results taken up by partial-match domains. Similar to exact match domains, these include a partial match to the keyword search. For example – is a partial match domain to the keyword “baseball bat store” but an exact match domain to “best baseball bats”.
Lastly, the Daily Big 10 highlights the % of page 1 results help by the internet’s top 10 subdomains.  This is recalculated daily. Currently, MozCast identifies these as the Daily Big 10:



Like all good websites today, MozCast is a responsive site. Even if you’re on your smartphone, make sure to catch up on your daily SEO forecast. Missed a day? Don’t worry, you can access the past forecast for the last 30 days. Trends are available via the Metrics tab for the past 30, 60, or 90 days.



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