For the past year, I’ve been on the hunt for the best WordPress theme for this website. I still can’t seem to find it! Though in my search, I’ve come across some great tools and resources for other web designers looking for the best free WordPress themes and premium WordPress themes.

Free WordPress Theme Resources

Here are some of the best resources and tools that I’ve found for WordPress on the cheap/free:

Webdesigner Depot: This web designer blog offers a monthly showcase for their findings of the month’s best free WordPress themes and plugs. My favorite monthly post is on the month’s top free resources for web designers, extending beyond just WordPress themes and plugins. Check out this past month’s post here. 

The Best Free WordPress Themes

In my search, I’ve come to the conclusion that no such theme exists. Let’s face it. Design is subjective. What one person feels is the best, another feels is sub par. Worse yet, every new theme I put on this site, I find reasons for not liking within a week.

That said about free themes, I have found that premium WordPress themes are well worth their premium price. At under $50 a theme in most cases, you can have a professionally designed blog or website with minimal tweaking. If that’s not worth $50 in today’s  web environment, I don’t know what is.

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