For designers, free and premium design bundles are no short of pure gold. They provide an array of assets that we can use as inspiration or for implementation across multiple projects. They provide shortcuts and time-savers that can translate to more income for the designer and often a lower price-tag for the customer.

Don’t get me wrong. Design marketplaces like Creative Market, Theme Forest, and Graphics River are awesome – especially when you are looking for something particular for the project at hand. But, bundles help to build a designer’s library. They give you resources that you can use again and again.

I have been involved in web design and graphic design for coming up on 8 years now. Over that time I’ve compiled a list of my go-to bundle websites that I feel every designer or developer must watch for deals and freebies. I’ll dive into the Free Web Design Bundles first and then cover the Premium Design Bundles.

Free Design Bundle Sites

Most design bundle sites charge a nominal fee for downloading hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of assets. But, there are a select few that offer free bundles – the designer’s dream! In most cases, these are sites that have a listing of different resources to download, rather than one bundle download of all resources. But, by offering multiple freebies in one place, they are identified as design bundle websites for the purpose of this article.

1. Mighty Deals – One of the best sites for a collection of both free and premium design deals, Mighty Deals has a freebies page with tons of free web design goodies. Visit MightyDeals for 5 pages of fonts, templates, icons, mockups and more.

MightyDeals Web Freebies

2. Unsplash – Though technically not a bundle, Unsplash is a site filled with curated, beautiful images that you can use in all of your designs for free. Every 10 days they post 10 free stock photos. Unlike other free stock photo sites, Unsplash provides amazing, high-quality images.

Free Stock Images

3. ByPeople Bundles – Again, this is not a bundle site. ByPeople is a repository of posted freebies. But, the way the compile the freebies makes this a bundle site. ByPeople’s Bundles page has different topics/repositories posted each day that contain a bundle of downloadable design resources. Every day they post 8 free stock images. The other repositories include free downloads for developers and designers, including app resources, WordPress themes, frameworks, libraries and more. The content is all user generated, which makes this unique in this list of bundle sites.

ByPeople design bundles

4. Creative Market – This design marketplace offers a bundle of 6 new freebies every Monday for logged-in users. Sign up and check back every Monday for the week’s design freebies, which include fonts, logos, icons, WordPress themes, HTML templates, vector graphics, and more. Each week’s freebies are available for the entire week. Better yet, when you download the freebies you technically purchase them – so they are saved for your account to re-download at any time! This awesome feature makes this my favorite freebie design bundle website.

Freebies Design Bundle Site

Premium Design Bundle Sites

Below you’ll find a collection of premium design bundles sites. Though these are designated as “premium” they all offer great deals on a large quantity of design packages.

4a. Creative Market – I feel the need to mention Creative Market twice. In addition to their 6 weekly freebies, Creative Market launches a design bundle almost every month in the first 2 weeks of the month. Visit their homepage to see if a bundle is currently active. The Creative Market bundles usually go for $39 and are heavily featured on their site.

Creative Market Design Bundle

5. Stack Social – This site features a large assortment of different bundles for designers, developers, elearning, and more. The link provided links you right to the design bundles, which include bundles on software elearning courses, UI kits, startup resources, Macaw and other design software, animation, and generic web design bundles. Most bundles range from $20-$50.

Stack Social even features several Pay-What-You-Want Bundles to get you awesome resources while giving a portion of the proceeds to charity. As you pay different levels, you unlock different resources. Usually a payment of about $10 gets you everything in the bundle.

6. Design Cuts – Focusing mostly on fonts and vectors, Design Cuts has one awesome, curated bundle at a time. This allows them to focus their efforts on providing the highest quality bundle, and they succeed. Their bundles are usually $29 and include super high quality, trendy fonts, vector graphics, and other design resources.

What I love about Design Cuts is that they know who they are. They focus on one high-quality niche with each bundle. They make it clear who the bundle is for. And the respond to your inquiries. A great company!

Premium Design Bundle

7. Inky Deals – This site offers a number of bundles at one time. They can range from $10 to over $100 and cover a range of photography, vectors, fonts, Photoshop actions, and more. If you’re looking for specific bundles (i.e. Photoshop actions) for a good price, this is a great source. Inky Deals often features coupon codes, unlike many other bundle sites.

Design Bundle Deals

8. Deal Jumbo – This site offers both premium bundles and freebies, so they could be listed in either section. But, it’s their premium graphic design bundles that really make them stand out. Deal Jumbo offers 40+ bundles at any one time. They separate the bundles into specific niches – photographs, vectors, fonts, mockups, etc. Bundles range in price from $9-$39.

jumbo design deals

9. Dealotto – Want a high-quality artistic bundle? Try Dealotto. They release a new bundle each month for a price around $25. Their bundles are focused on providing high quality elements for graphic designers. Their main contents are often vectors, textures, icons, backgrounds, and more.

Design bundle deals

10. The Hungry Jpeg – This site offers a monthly high-quality graphic design bundle, along with add-on templates, vectors, fonts, themes, etc. Every month Hungry JPEG releases a new design bundle for $29 that is filled with design awesomeness. Unlike some bundles that feature 10-20 products, Hungry JPEG’s bundles include large quantities of curated, high-quality resources. For example, November 2015’s bundle includes 88 fonts! Tweet the page and you get an instant 10% discount. (NOTE: The main bundles page displays all past bundles, but they are not available for purchase.)

monthly design bundle

11. Design Shock – This bundle site requires that you pay a one-time fee for access to all current and future resources. Rather than downloading a lot of design resources as a bundle, you get access to download individual resources as you choose – as many as you see fit! And you get access to all releases ongoing. While the graphics aren’t as high-quality as some of the previously mentioned curated bundles, a one-time fee for ongoing access to design resources is a pretty sweet deal. The one-time fee ranges from $39-$99 depending on the level of access you want. (i.e. You can purchase access to their sister sites, like Theme Shock, etc.)

design resources subscription


12. Bundle Hunt – This site offers a great, ongoing software bundle for Mac’s. Get 14 Mac design apps for only $17.99.


13. Graphics Fuel – This site is not a bundle site. Similar to the example below, Graphics Fuel is a deal aggregator. But, using their site allows you to find bundles across the web that may be available from other sites not listed above. Visiting their shop page usually reveals available bundles in the first few results (like the still available Big Bundle for Creatives). Looking for more bundles? Try searching for “bundle” on their site. OR, use the Categories link to find resources available in all kinds of different categories – bundled and not-bundled.

premium web and graphic design resources

14. Web Designer Depot – Looking for more bundles? Web Designer Depot is a great blog for web designers. They have 2 categories on their site where they aggregate lists of the latest Web Design Freebies and Design Bundles. Watch these pages for more deals. (NOTE: A lot of their bundles are populated by their sister site – MightyDeals.)

Remember to check back to this blog every Thursday to catch our post – This Week in Web Freebies.

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